From 2006 to 2008 Erik dedicated his research for his bachelor’s and master’s theses to the symbolism of precious stones in Dante’s Divine Comedy. During his master he also found the origin of the Etruscan myth in the Florentine Renaissance, in Giovanni Boccaccio’s literary work. This work led to several peer-reviewed publications in academic journals. 

From 2009 to 2018 he was jewellery editor of the Dutch magazine Royalty, in which he published 120 articles mostly about royal jewels from all over the world. His extensive research in these years makes him one of the foremost experts on the Dutch royal jewellery collection. 

Since 2018 Erik’s focus lies on the history of the diamond industry in Amsterdam, but mostly on Oscar Massin. He is also preparing an article about late 19th century engraved diamonds.

Below a list of publications and lectures and an overview of the impact of Erik’s work on others.

2 diamonds engraved by M.C. de Vries jr. The one on the left is in a private collection, the one on the right in the Dutch Royal Collection.
List of publications


– ‘Aris Marakis: il sigillo del bacio sonoro’, essay in the catalogue raisonné of this Greek-Italian sculptor in ΑΡΗΣ ΜΑΡΑΚΗΣ. La scultura morfosonora. Catalogo ragionato delle opere, red. Dr. Mauro di Vito, Guardamagna di Varzi, Pavia, pp. 196-221, 2019.

– ‘A Closer Look at the 1901 Queen Wilhelmina Nephrite Tray Last Seen in 1980’, in Fabergé Research Newsletter Summer 2018 – my scoop from 2014 (about how Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands probably stole and sold one of Fabergé‘s most important works of art), but this time thoroughly researched. Quoted by newspaper NRC (2019) and in Dr. Gerard Aalders’ Oranje Zwartboek (2020, 3 pp).

– ‘A Literary Invention: The Etruscan Myth in Early Florentine Renaissance’, in Renaissance Studies, vol. 24 no. 4, pp. 459-471, 2010 – I found the origin of the Etruscan myth, relevant for art history, in Boccaccio’s literary work. The result of research done for my master’s. Much cited article.  

– ‘Per una rilettura del “legno lucido e sereno” di Purgatorio VII’, in Incontri, rivista europea di studi italiani, 22/2, pp. 123-130, 2006 – a part of my master’s thesis published before finishing the thesis. 

– ‘Fra Dio e l’imperatore: il simbolismo delle pietre preziose nella Divina Commedia’, in Dante, rivista internazionale di studi su Dante Alighieri, III, pp. 69-93, 2006 – my bachelor’s thesis on the symbolism of precious stones in Dante’s Divine Comedy, published as article.

Other publications

– ‘The Gems of Dante’s Divine Comedy‘, in Jewellery History Today issue 44, Spring 2022, p. 14 – review of Anne Pizzorusso’s The Gems of Dante’s Divine Comedy. 

– ‘DIVA Antwerp Acquires a Rare Oscar Massin Brooch’, in Jewellery History Today, issue 36, Autumn 2019, p. 15 – Presentation of diamond, gold and silver museum DIVA in Antwerp’s acquisition of Oscar Massin’s Couronne Pompadour (1878).

– ‘The Origins of Queen Victoria’s Wedding Brooch‘, self-published on, 2019 – scoop that one of the most important British Crown Jewels – Queen Victoria’s Wedding Brooch, better known as the Prince Albert Sapphire Brooch – was bought from the internationally renowned jewellery firm Josephus Jitta from Amsterdam. 

– ‘A Very Parisian Affair: Oscar Massin’s Jewels in the Dutch Royal Collection’, in Jewellery History Today, issue 31, cover and pp. 6-7, 2018 – presentation of my first in-depth research into Oscar Massin. The article shows the intrinsic links between Parisian jewellers and the diamond industry of Amsterdam.

– ‘Het koningspaar dat wegbleef‘, in Vorsten 7/2018 pp. 50-55 – presentation of my research in the ABN Amro-archives, about the designs court jeweller Jac. Vos made in 1934 for a planned but cancelled visit of King Rama VII of Thailand and his wife.

– A total of 120 articles about royal jewels published between 2009 and 2018 in the Dutch magazine Royalty – about royal jewellery history, the great jewellers, Dutch jewellers, auctions by Sotheby’s and Christie’s, royal history in general and biographical articles. The main focus was on the Dutch royal jewellery collection. I was able to present several scoops based on archival research in the Royal Collections and the archives of Van Kempen en Begeer at RKD in The Hague. From 2014 to 2017 I had my own column, called Royal Jewels.

Koninklijke Juwelen, special glossy edition about European royal jewels of the magazine Royalty, 116 pages, 2011 (cover featured on the right).

Italiaans voor Dummies, editor of the 2nd edition of the Dutch Italian for Dummies, Pearson Education, 2008.

– In between 2003 and 2008 I published 10 interviews with Dutch literary authors in Arabesken, the journal of the Louis Couperus Society. Louis Couperus was, in short, the Dutch Oscar Wilde. The interviews were about the influence of Couperus’ work on the authors. Interviewed were: Hella Haasse, Adriaan van Dis, Bas Heijne, Arthur Japin, Anna Enquist, Antoine Bodar, Helga Ruebsamen, Willem Melchior, Aristide von Bienefeldt and Liesje Schreuders. 


Jewish Court Jewellers and Diamond Traders, Jewish Historical Museum, Amsterdam, 2018 (and elsewhere).

Royal Regional Dress, annual congress of the Royal Association of Orange Societies, Bunschoten, 2015.

The Origin of the Etruscan Myth in Florence, 5th Zenobia Congress, Amsterdam, 2015

Trees of Gold. Royal Adaptations of Paradise in Dante’s Purgatory, International Medieval Congress in Leeds, 2008, and Forum Middle Ages of the University of Amsterdam, 2008. 



An overview of citations, mentions and acknowledgements in works of others. 

Jewellery & Objets d’art

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[online] Quotation of tweets on the jewelry worn by Queen Máxima on Prinsjesdag 2013, the ceremonial State Opening of Parliament on NRC’s live blog

 The Etruscan Myth in the Early Florentine Renaissance

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Dante Alighieri

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In literature

Rijk de Jong [Aristide von Bienefeldt], Er zat weer een Paul Newman in de keuken, Uitg. Marmer, 2014.