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Quoted in the New York Times

Credit: Oscar Massin Inc.

The New York Times published the article From Gems for Royalty to Recycled Gold, in which Erik gets quoted, of course about Oscar Massin. Recently the brand Oscar Massin was relaunched by Luximpact, a Paris-based company specialising in jewellery brands that use recycled gold and platinum and lab-grown diamonds.

Founded two years ago, Luximpact is the brainchild of two veterans of the jewellery industry: Frédéric de Narp, former President and CEO of Cartier North America, and Coralie de Fontenay, former Managing Director of Cartier France. They partnered up with the company’s Creative Director Sandrine Delaage, who worked for Cartier and De Beers, among others. Sandrine Delaage: ‘We want to reconstruct a new world, but with the same values and a sense of history. What’s more sustainable than preserving French patrimony and the continuity of savoir-faire?’


The new Oscar Massin’s jewellery is designed in Paris, but produced in New York City and marketed primarily to an American audience. The jewellery is made with eco-certified, traceable lab grown Latitude Diamonds, the world’s first producer of completely carbon-neutral synthetic diamonds, and with recycled gold. Frédéric de Narp: ‘It’s time to change the codes of an industry that’s not reinventing itself, or at least not fast enough for us.’

Erik’s role

In 2020 and 2021 Erik was involved in the development of the relaunch of Oscar Massin, as a sort of ‘house historian’. Erik helped with doing research, finding original designs and making available all material, while discussing brand identity and how to translate Massin’s heritage jewellery into something for the 21st century.